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The honest truth is that, as a start-up blogger my self the only thing I am having issues with probably one of the most is getting people to my blog. In order that when I am attempting to generate an automatic income stream for my self the sole thing I strive to accomplish is always to generate automated traffic that the search engines like Google and Bing can provide.

Now, I don’t want to lie to you, generating traffic to a blog, although it’s a whole new blog is really hard. The thing that turns people off may be the confusing nature of SEO or internet search engine optimization, which every other folk is required to do if he wishes to have that automated traffic from the search engines like Google.

A Traffic Generating Strategy with Quick Results

I can assure you that SEO works, nevertheless it takes time to get it right to really witness noticeable results particularly for new websites. I used to be very excited when I started my blog and had a fantastic momentum going, but there was something that always brought me down: the traffic statistics.

I am sure you recognize this feeling, to pour your heart and soul writing content and creating backlinks and after some time as soon as you are checking your statistics you see something like 12 visitors. Right? Well, what I came across is paramount to keeping motivated and keep your momentum going as soon as you are starting out to see quick results.

The fact is that social media marketing can certainly deliver quick results when it comes right down to traffic. All you need to accomplish is develop a community around yourself, of like-minded people who are interested in what you are creating.

The strategy is quite simple actually, let’s take Twitter for example.

The initial thing you should do is to discover the most influential people within your niche.

Start following those people. Next, get their followers and begin following them, once you begin it’s recommended you don’t follow greater than 200 people each day.

What you should notice is the very fact that after 3 to 70 hours, most of the people you followed are already following you back. After 2 or three days you'll then start to un-follow the individuals who didn’t follow you back and do this again and again.

The actual fact is, this may be the simplest way to obtain lots of followers on Twitter in a relatively short amount of time, as well as the fact that these folks are most prone to having a similar interest you have regarding the content they read and share.

As a blogger your main time must be spent writing content and finding new ideas for posts. Growing a community of like-minded people around your site's content takes up lots of your time, that’s why one of the most sensible thing you are effective at doing would be to automate this process.

I usually see my self spending hours on Twitter or Instagram, when normally I should be writing posts for my blog.

Twitter or Instagram software will free up lots of your time and also drastically speed things up.

I know plenty of individuals dismiss automation when referring to Twitter because there happen to become many cases where Twitter banned those that used services that automated their activity concerning the social network. If you don’t over do things or spam individuals with your messages everything will be ok.

The best way to do Social Media Marketing Automation Without Getting Banned is with Follow Liker.

The following are some of the features of Follow Liker:

1) Following: Follow users, limit follow per run or day, avoid users with no profile image and control your follower to following ratio.

2) Un-following: Un-follow all users, un-follow only users not following back after some days, limit un-follow per run or day, white list users that should not be un-followed.

3) Mutiple Account: Add and use multiple accounts with ease and configure private settings for special accounts.

4) Assign Proxy: Use public or private proxies with each of your accounts as you deem fit.

5) User Searching: Find users to follow based on keywords, other users follower, location, interest and current trends.

6) Whitelist User: Build a special list of users that should never be un-followed.

7) Blacklist User: Build a list of users that should not be followed.

8) Account Statistics: View current number of followers, tweets, media and followings of each account.

Other Twitter Features:

9) Tweeting: Tweet to your account, control tweeting interval by day or each run, make tweet links unique.

10) Re-tweeting: Re-tweet to your account, control delay between re-tweet and limit re-tweet.

11) Tweet Searching: Find tweets to be replied and re-tweeted by keyword or other metrics.

12) Crawl Tweet: Aggregate real-time website contents and RSS feed as tweets and tweet them to your accounts.

13) Replying: Reply to similar tweets, limit replies per run or day, set delay between replies.

14) Send Message: Send direct messages to your followers, send at interval by setting delay and also set maximum message to send with each run or per day.

Other Instagram Features:

15) Like Photos: Like photos, limit photo liking with each run, set delay interval between each liked photo.

16) Unlike Photos: Unlike photo, unlike photos liked after some days, set unlike photo limit with each run, delay unlike to look more natural.

17) Commenting: Comment on photos, limit number of comment to post and set comment delay interval.

18) Photo Searching: Find photos to be liked and un-liked based on keyword choices.

The facts is social media can bring you quick results when it comes down to generating traffic, even if your blog is only a week old. In the event that you strive to write useful content which solves peoples problems, eventually those individuals will assist you to back, by spreading the word around about you and by subscribing to your information.

Something I'd like to clarify before I end my post will be the proven fact that growing a big Twitter and Instagram following of like-minded people can be executed free, you don’t have to spend anything. But I’ll ask you this, what’s better, spending just 5 minutes per day on Follow Liker and researching new ideas to your blog or business, or spending considerable time looking for that best individuals to follow, then manually unfollowing those who did not follow you back?

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